• DO     attend school regurlarly, it is also the best way to meet people and make friends.

  • DO     live in the host family as a member of the family.

  • DO     find hobbies and keep up with your interests, be interested and find friends.

  • DO     learn the language, it’s not that hard! And it’s the best way to find out what is going on.

  • DO     seize the day and take hold of the opportunities that Rotary Youth Exchange Program offers to you


  • DO NOT     date, but make lifelong friends.

  • DO NOT     take drugs, smoke or use alcohol – it is not only against the rules, but against the law and for your own safety.

  • DO NOT     take tattoos or piercings (if you really want one, get them when you get back home).

  • DO NOT     travel without permission, so you don’t earn an early ticket home.

  • DO NOT     leave without telling rotarians any concerns you might have – they are on your side and want to help you!

Rotary Finland–Estonia, MD 1380–1430

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