Finland has 6 districts, Estonia is part of D1420.


Estonia is clean, safe and tech-savvy country. Estonia is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. In Estonia internet acces is considered a human right.


Estonia is also one of Europe’s most spacious countries. With a territory roughly matching that of the Netherlands, it is home to only 1.3 million people. In Estonia you are never more than a 30-min drive away from a forest or a lake. According to the WHO, Estonia has the best overall air quality in the entire world. 


Despite of its size, you would still take a lifetime to enjoy all the galleries, theatres, concerts, festivals, markets, fairs and beaches this country has to offer.



Rotary International was revived in Estonia as a part of Finnish Rotary District 1420 after our new independence in 1991. There are 16 clubs in Estonia at the moment and the Youth Exchange Program has been an essential part of Estonian Rotary since the beginning. Estonia hosts annually 4 to 7 long term students. Nowadays exchange students come from all over the world and the program offers the same opportunity for Estonian students as well.

Summer camps and short term exchange have also become an active part of the Youth Exchange Program in Estonian Rotary. Every summer more than 30 Estonian students attend camps in several countries and Estonia has organized four successful camps so far.
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Rotary Finland–Estonia, MD 1380–1430

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